“Throw Away” Society

Bob and Steve, here. We’ve been thinking about the well-worn maxim that ours is a “throw away” society. Unfortunately, ours is a society that also elevates innovation to a virtue. And we’ve brought that innovation to the “throw away” lifestyle.

Oh let us count the ways:

  • $699, 18-month-old iPhone, is already two generations behind the times? Replace it.
  • Appliance not working well? Junk it.
  • Don’t like your car? Just trade it in for a new model.
  • Don’t like your wife or husband? Ditto.
  • And the coup de grace (literally) – Don’t like your life? Those fun-loving progressives have a solution for that too. Physician Assisted Suicide. What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

So how did we get to where we are now? Let’s take a little stroll through history.

The 20th century was an era of endless enlightenment. One of the things we realized we didn’t need was clothes. Ever seen those old family pictures with Aunt Edna wearing a bathing suit that looked not unlike a potato sack, but not as well tailored? Then came the two piece bathing suits, which were actually less revealing than what many young girls wear to school and even Church these days. This evolved (which has apparently become a synonym for devolved in most cases these days, which is only confusing if you’re not used to thinking like a progressive) into the modern day bikini. We can all agree that three triangles with a combined area of a yarmulke is a barbarically unsustainable waste of material. Thank heavens someone was inspired with the thong. Great ideas spread quickly, like lice, and the same common-sense evolution of beach wear found its way into the gym, malls, schools, work places, Churches; really anywhere that people are, you know, clothed. And with that, and in less than 50 years, we were able to stick a fork in that oppressive M-word – modesty.

We’ve also evolved and thrown away oppressive societal mores in the way we speak. Who could forget George Carlin’s “Seven dirty words you can’t say on TV”? The oppression! The small-mindedness! The stifling of self-expression! It makes us want to scream from the roof-tops – WHAT THE FUDGE? But those endlessly fudging ingenious progressives came up with work-arounds. First there came cable TV without FCC oversight. Then there were distinctions for late night broadcast TV. Then there was desensitization through rap music and video games. In about 50 years’ time, we’ve moved from profanity as the eschewed discourse to the commonplace, tolerated and even preferred language of some groups. Yes, they fudged it up nice and good and now you can say just about anything, anywhere at any time.

But really, where’s the fun in being all naked and cursing like a sailor if you can’t do it while hopped up on drugs? In the old days we had alcohol and tobacco. For the adventurous few, “wacky tabacky” and for the really adventurous few, cocaine and opiates. Nowadays the world is your oyster. Feeling run down? There’s a pill for that. Feeling keyed up? There’s a pill for that. Not feeling amorous? There’s a pill for that. Need free syringes and a place to shoot up? We’ve got that too! Need pot without the legal hassle? We’ll legalize it. In short – just about any mood, any feeling, any situation, any personality type – whatever trait, condition or situation you want to do away with or change; there’s a pill or illegal (or now, legal) drug for that.

We’ve also been able to cast away decorum. In a world where sustainability is another cardinal virtue, and where a godless reality makes scarcity a presumption and abundance a pipe dream, there’s no room for niceties. We need efficiency and sound bites! There’s no time for manners or hearing people out. We have to get right down to it and bludgeon our opponent into submission with howling and shrieking. Why? WHY you ask??? Well …. so we can get back to being all naked and spitting out delightful profanity to one another.

And this brings us back to the penultimate end of the throw-away society. Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) — currently legal in only six states and the District of Columbia — has been branded as a compassionate way for terminally ill patients to choose when and how they die. Legislation is being pushed in about thirty statehouses by a national group from Colorado called Compassion & Choices. Right now PAS is in its infancy, but we foresee the progressives bringing to bear the same kind of innovation by which they have blessed the rest of the culture.

The most important step to keeping a camel out of your tent is to keep it from getting its nose under your tent flap. This is one case where we can’t even let the camel get its nose under the edge of the tent. Or else, be prepared for the slippery slope that will surely follow. Here’s how we expect it will progress, if legalized.

First, they’ll push on the definition of “Physician.” Then they’ll push on the language of “terminally ill.” Before you know it, we’ll see it advertised. Imagine the TV commercial: Don’t like how life’s treating you? Boss is a jerk? In debt up to your eyeballs? Ask your doctor about Enditol (generic drug name: taHELLwithitol). Side effects include loss of consciousness, bloating, cold hands, rigor mortis, forfeiture of life insurance benefits, eternal damnation in hell. If symptoms last longer than an eternity, consult with the devil himself.

But wait! There’s more! Once suicide is a commonplace lunch discussion topic, people will be free to ask whether you’ve considered suicide. “I have, er, had a friend who did it– you should try it!”

Imagine Designer Suicides. Are you an adrenalin junky? How about parachuteless sky diving? Imagine the traffic reports – “Bob, the left lane is closed for mop-up on the soundbound 405”. For the art aficionado – there’s the Pollock. You’re placed in a room with a giant canvas behind you and IED in front.

Although this is a darker article than our usual offerings, we didn’t want to avoid the topic because PAS is a real movement with dark forces trying to infect our nation state by state. Please resist. Contact your state level representative to preserve the sanctity of life. All life from conception to natural death is valuable. To not speak against PAS is an indirect endorsement of PAS.

This is the information for Maryland’s Stop PAS group. Search for a similar group in your state.





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